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The Mural on our building was painted by Artist; Chris Easton.

Most of the mural was painted in the summer of 1999.

Over the years he has come back to touch it up.

In 2011:  he added the BULLITT Movie poster wall. A Tribute to my 1968 Mustang.

He added the window shutters (which is painted plywood) He also added Neil Young and 

Keith Richards with LP records. He also added the flowers on the front.

In 2014: Chris gave the entire mural a face lift. It had faded over the years.

He also added Colin Bridges, Big Daddy Tazz, and my son Danny and daughter Janelle.

Also the front step, the bench, as well as disguising our air conditioner as a rabbit cage

The mural is painted on Stucco.

Painted from 4 cans of paint.

None of the art is projected, it is all painted free hand



Chris painting

Chris Thinking

Our shop when we bought it.


If you would like Chris to paint you a mural,

Please contact us.


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In Business Since 1979